The political earthquake has now registered, universally. The news providers, lost in the mass psychosis of late 20th/early 21st century globalist groupthink, were ill prepared for the first week of world politics under the guidance of the new Leader of the Free World, President of the United States of America, Donald John Trump (POTUS).

In his inaugural speech, the new POTUS doubled down on his pre-election rhetoric. To those that voted for him, the speech was music to their ears, as were his addresses over the following days to the CIA and to the GOP during Theresa May’s visit. Some key takeaways:

  • Transfer of power away from Washington DC and to the people. (Fascist?)
  • Get America working and winning.
  • Uninstall Obamacare and repair the mess he left.
  • Root out corruption of crony bureaucrats, lobbyists and politicians.
  • The ‘carnage’ of the Obama years ‘stops right here’.
  • America first. Buy American, hire American.
  • Nationalism. Patriotism.
  • ‘We will seek friendship and goodwill with the nations of the world’.
  • National unity – ‘Whether we are black, brown or white, we all bleed the same blood of patriots’.
  •  A promise to eradicate radical Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth.
  •  Border security, safety of the people (‘the wall’).
  • Trump likes Brexit and the UK. He doesn’t like the EU.

There was much more. The irony of a populist POTUS, voted in by ‘Joe the Plumber’ and the hard working ‘middle’ America – the forgotten majority – appears lost on the British journalistic and LibLabCon establishment. Having been voted in on a platform of ‘I will put your interests first, not those of the globalist elite’, the news providers, ten days into the presidency, can’t understand why Trump is doing exactly what he said he would. They don’t like it. Those who voted Trump will be loving it.

But the #fakenews pushers at the BBC, ITV, SKY, C4 and the usual ‘print’ suspects have other plans for what the British public should be thinking. In the aftermath of the inauguration speech made by the new President, the news focus immediately fell on two issues: ‘Protests’ and ‘Numbers’.

The ‘protests’ were twofold. Firstly, on 20th January, Inauguration Day, people protested in the tens of thousands that their ‘horse’ Hillary had not won the race. There are always those disappointed in the outcome of elections, but the phenomenon of riots, obstructing highways and otherwise violating the rights of others and the integrity of their property, is only seen when the ‘right’ wins, not when the correct candidate (Obama, Clinton, Blair…) wins. Violence always comes from the ‘Left’. On Inauguration Day those people, including reportedly 56 activist groups funded by George Soros, were out on the streets doing their ‘protest’ thing, some with hammers and Molotov cocktails.

Secondly, enter the women! On 21stJanuary a worldwide women’s ‘movement’ took to the streets to ‘protest’ and the news providers showed the pinkness of the genitalia-focused protest through their webpages and TV pictures, without the distraction of a President’s words to report on. I still haven’t established what this ‘women’s rights’ march was all about. None of those reporting gave an answer to the question “…Which rights under the law in the USA do men enjoy that women do not?…”, and I am still none the wiser. With a million marching, you would think that at least one could have been found to answer this question!

The ‘Numbers’ at issue were those pertaining to the Inauguration audience itself. Newspapers, the Twitterati timelines and TV channels were stuffed with comparative pictures – Obama vs Trump, who got bigger crowds? I know: who cares….? Journalists cared about this number a lot. The POTUS’ new press secretary Sean Spicer, on his first day in the job, raised the issue accusing the media of biased reporting with respect to inauguration audiences, focusing on irrelevancies rather than the President’s words. Cue the gnashing of journalistic teeth, howls of ‘Alternative Facts’ and ‘Spicer lied’.

When the dust had settled and the figures were in, it appears that in excess of 50 million people (conservative, lower figure)  watched the Inauguration of Donald J Trump, the most in US history (that of Ronald Reagan 1980 being second with approx. 41 million). However, this numbers-based #fakenews uproar pushed at us by ’reputable’ news outlets provided a temporary distraction from the Executive Orders that were about to be signed.

Our main source of ‘news’, or #fakenews, in the UK is the BBC. The BBC evidently has a Charter. I think their staff ignore it. The BBC has openly deserted the concept of accurately reporting on US politics in favour of propagandising against Trump while supporting whoever else is opposing Trump.

This is a consistent theme exemplified by their statistically skewed choice of anti-Trump political pundits, their focus on ‘protests’ and ‘numbers’ not policy statements, and by the discourteous and insulting question asked by Laura Kuenssberg in the press conference of our PM and the President of the USA on Friday, 27th January. Rather than ask a pertinent question relating to the future relationship between the USA and the UK, she crafted a pseudo-question, insulting in its construct and partial in its political tone. I’m sure Laura’s friends, with whom she may have a common purpose, were delighted. I suspect most viewers like me were cringing. Tom Newton-Dunn’s follow up question referring to the President as ‘brash’ was also embarrassing. Manners maketh man, I thought. Both missed the opportunity to serve their readers/viewers in favour of childish personal projection.

The media meltdown continued over this past weekend when restrictions were placed on visitors to the USA from 7 countries. There was no attempt to establish the facts relating to the detail of the policy and reporting it to the people dispassionately. #Muslimban was the reaction on twitter along with #theresatheappeaser. More protests were organised, Labour MPs took to the Twittersphere to break Godwin’s Law (again), having googled ‘famous quotes’.

A UK/Somali tax exile, famous for running quickly, who is a guest in the USA complained – and the complaint was advertised to the world though the BBC and professional offendees on Twitter. What US border security policy had to do with him is unclear. Frankly, it’s pathetic. The organisations engaging in this propaganda which are funded by the public purse such as the BBC would be defunded without delay by a decent government!

This is how #fakenews works: not just through lies and errors, but through omission, opinion and distraction. The mainstream media organisations, the political establishment, political activist groups and their corporatist funders set the agenda and flood the news output to suit that agenda – and if people haven’t established that it’s an anti-Trump agenda by now, then they aren’t engaging their brain.

But President Trump doesn’t play by their rules and for that I applaud him. He is encouraging the rejection of Political Correctness, through example. News providers in the UK, most importantly the BBC, are not ‘what they say on the tin’. They are not providing news. They are attempting to engender an emotional response in their viewers in favour of a preferred political outcome, one which we in UKIP do not share. Trump is showing people across the world that these corrupt ‘journalists’ need to be challenged. He is taking them on and he is winning as the old establishment order struggles to comprehend the world outside its teflon-coated groupthink while it exposes itself through misreporting each day.

UKIP should be paying attention to how the new POTUS is doing this, and what lessons can be learned in how to use a hostile media to one’s advantage!

Photo by Yukiko Matsuoka

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