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    Sunday papers 29 March 2015

    Election 2015 With more than a month still to go, the papers are already ramping up their coverage of the forthcoming General Election. There are several analyses of the [...]
  • Budget Debt

    The Future Economy

    We had the Autumn Statement last year by the Chancellor together with the last budget on 18th March 2015.  Now in the televised question sessions on 26 March more [...]
  • boston-tea-party

    View across The Pond from Blighty

    Why now …? Why am I going to take a brief look across the Big Pond now, at this moment, when we all have our work cut out here, in the last weeks before May 7th? Because US [...]
Editor’s Spotlight

The man who saved England

by Christopher Hiew in Editorial

On the 20th May 1217, the City of Lincoln bore witness to one of the most decisive battles of our long history. The Capetian forces, headed by Louis VIII of France, and those [...]


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